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Gmail For Android Now Has The Mobile Money Transfer Feature

In a bid to make money transfer easy, Gmail, as it is with the web feature has inculcated Mobile money transfer on its Android app. Yes, Some Gmail users on Android can now send and request money just as easy as sharing a file or a photo.

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Before now, this feature has been available on the web, and this is the first time it is available on mobile. As you would expect, sending and receiving is completely free, and you can set it up so that the money is transferred directly to your bank account.

Gmail Mobile Money Transfer

Gmail Mobile Money Transfer

Not too many people were aware that the Gmail on web supported money transfer for its users with Google Wallet and now this feature has been extended to the Android app which I think is a more patronized feature than the gmail web. With this update, one can request and send money on Gmail for Android.

Sending money on Gmail is very similar to attaching a media file which is quite easy. First you select the attachment logo on the compose screen and then select the ‘’Send Money’ option this will open up Google Wallet with a field wherein you can add the specifics including the amount to be transferred and the corresponding memo.

Gmail Mobile Money Transfer

Gmail Mobile Money Transfer

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After you add the money, a card like receipt will be displayed in the email and the recipient will see the same with a ‘Claim Money’ option. Once they click on the claim money the amount will be transferred to their Google Wallet. Quite easy I must confess.

However, there are some limitations which I’ll make known to you here. This feature, just like the web feature is not supported in countries like this. Countries like this includes Nigeria, and some other west African countries.

According to Google, as of now, the service is completely free for both the parties and has also inculcated options that will allow users to directly transfer the money to a bank account. The feature has been currently introduced in the U.S along with the version 7.2.26 Gmail for Android and it needs to be toggled on manually.

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One edge this Gmail feature might have over some other mobile payment solutions is the fact that this one is free, while services like Paypal charge users for their services. Though, I see Google inculcating a charge in the nearest future.

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    ndaman joshua olayinka

    That is a good feature. I just hope very soon Nigerians can now use it.

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