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French Man Walks Into Apple Store, Smashes iPhones And A Mac. See Why?

A man walked into an Apple store in France and did what all reasonably guys like to contemplate doing but never ever do in reality. He proceeded to smash as many iPhones and one Mac he could lay his hands on. Or to be more precise, the steel ball he was holding did the smashing.

French man smashes iPhones, Mac


He only stopped destroying these valuable gadgets when security put a halt to this reasonably act. He did  put up a only a small fight while been restrained by security men and taken away.

His lack of  intense/extreme struggle while been taken away would come as a surprise to many people who lack discernment. I know the first thing anybody would think is that he must be one mad man. Or at least, a very unbalanced man. Because, people naturally put up one hell of a fight when overtaken by rage if anybody tries to stop them before they’d had a chance to cool down.

Let’s be honest here, how many of us have not entertained the thought of doing the same thing after spending so much money to buy a phone only for the phone to develop a fault soon after?

I know I have. But I never had the guts to follow my instincts and walk back to that shop and smash a few things there. I tell you, if more people showed their displeasure this way, phone manufacturers would stop treating us with levity.

Imagine trying to enforce your warranty at a shop after finding out the phone is faulty only to be told the warranty does not cover that fault? Won’t you be mad?

That situation is very common. Warranties are not worth the paper they are written on.

Warranty is at the heart of this man’s action. In the video, he was shouting out his grievances while destroying those lovely, expensive phones.

His rage was directed at Apple’s refusal to honor an agreement made with the EU about warranties on Apple’s products in the EU.

You have to go back for years to get the gist at the heart of the man’s anger.

French man smashes iPhones, Mac


In 2012, Apple agreed to a EU requirement about warranty on electronic goods sold in Europe. In the EU, warranty is two years. And there is nothing extraordinary about that because it has been the practice for some time.

But Apple was still sticking to the old ways of giving only one year warranty on Apple products. So the 2012 agreement was just to bring Apple in line with other companies doing business in the EU. Which is normal.

However, for Apple, it wasn’t that straightforward. They introduced what they called AppleCare plan.

Getting the AppleCare plan requires you to pay money to Apple if you want your device to get the second year of warranty. To put it another way, if you bought the AppleCare plan, that could mean giving Apple free money if your device doesn’t develop any fault in that two years.

French man smashes iPhones, Mac


Customers were angry when they discovered this. Even the Italian authorities fined Apple $1.2 million because of that.

Four years down the line, from all indications Apple is still breaking the law as far as warranty issues are concerned. Or why else would a law abiding citizen walk into a shop and start destroying Apple products?

As far as I am concerned, the man did his civic studies. These OEMs are versed in the art of stealing from their customers.

It is cases like this that make me feel no pity for these big firms when a regulatory body decide to fine them heavily. Recently, the same Apple was fined billions of dollars by the EU for not paying taxes in Ireland. Apple claimed they broke no law because the tax breaks they got from the Irish government was legal.

They plan to appeal that fine. I hope they lose.


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