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Whatsapp Has Now Launched The Stories Feature – “Whatsapp Status”

Facebook has just shown us that they aren’t done with their blatant copying of Snapchat. From the days of copying Snapchat stories only to effect it on Instagram stories and now, Whatsapp stories, seriously? The stories feature will replace the app’s text-based status messages. The feature begins rolling out to WhatsApp’s billion-plus users today on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. ... Read More »

Apply For Facebook’s Bots For Messenger Developer Challenge & Win $20,000

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger

Are you a developer? Do you reside in the middle East or in Africa? Then this one is surely for you as Social media giants, Facebook is challenging developers across the Middle East and Africa to create innovative bots in the Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge. This aligns with their commitment to promote innovation in the Middle East and Africa ... Read More »

Facebook About To Launch Standalone TV App

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

We all aren’t alien to the fact that Facebook have always had a thing for taking on big tech companies like Big daddy Google, Snapchat and so on, as well as buying off small and potentially great companies – though sometimes, their bids are rejected. Read more: With PayU Nigeria, You Can Now Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira Now, they ... Read More »

With PayU Nigeria, You Can Now Pay For Facebook Ads In Naira

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

One problem every Facebook ad user must have encountered while using the services must have been one associated with the payment of fess in dollars. Not to mention how expressly the naira have diminished already. Well, presently, it is seeming like this problem is about to witness it end with the introduction of this newest service – PayU Nigeria. With ... Read More »

Evan spiegel’s Girlfriend Angry At Facebook For Copying Snapchat

Facebook tests Masquerade filters Snapchat

Well, as a matter of fact, everyone knows about the deeds of Facebook. Deeds in this case refers to Facebook’s blatant copying of a whole lot of snapchat’s features. They can copy a feature, fine tune it and make you love it even more than you do the first one. Many people must have criticized Facebook for these copying but then, ... Read More »

See How Much Mark Zuckerberg Has Made In The First Two Weeks Of 2017

Mark in money

You know, sometimes, there is need for some motivation in this world we’re in. But again, there are some kind of motivations which might lead you to hate yourself or even question how lucrative your ‘soft work’ and hustle is. The intent of this post The intent of this however, is to encourage you to put more and more efforts into whatever you ... Read More »

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption Doesn’t Totally Secure Messages from Third Parties

  Apparently, WhatsApp still has a way to obtain information for Facebook despite the fact that users were earlier given chance to choose if they want their info shared or not. According to a research report, WhatsApp possess a quite “dangerous” backdoor method that allows Facebook and others (third parties) to read the supposedly encrypted messages. READ MORE: How To Add Coloured ... Read More »

How To Add Coloured Backgrounds To Facebook Updates

…and Facebook keeps blowing our minds with innovation! Facebook have rolled out a new feature which really looks promising right from the start. The new feature added by the social media giants is “Coloured Background”. This newly introduced feature will enable Facebook users who post text-only status updates to spice up their post by adding background colours to their posts, ... Read More »

Facebook To Start “Mid-roll” Ads In ts Videos – Revenue To Be Shared With Publishers

Just when we thought having to watch Youtube’s 5 seconds video was the biggest punishment ever, Facebook decides to introduce something even much worse – Mid-roll Ads. Facebook began Facebook videos for a very long time now and in my opinion, I think Mark Zuckerberg has had this plan in mind ever since the inception of Facebook video. But just ... Read More »

Facebook Adds A New Explore Tab To Its iOS App

Will Facebook ever stop being innovative? That will forever remain the big question whenever the name Facebook is mentioned as the social media giant seem not to be slowing down in topping the social media/networking game plus the company keeps trying as much as possible to explore different ways to keep users on the platform as long as it can, probably ... Read More »