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Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, Dirty Tricks & Why Snapchat Can’t Sue

It has been established over the years how Facebook made it their course to engage in a blatant copying of snapchat features – particularly the snapchat stories. Right from the very first day they launched INSTAGRAM STORIES, many people have envisaged that they would surely try more and more to look more like snapchat, but why.

Facebook didn’t stop at Instagram stories, they went ahead to launch “WHATSAPP STATUS” too, which is more like “whatsapp stories” – a blatant copy of Sanpchat’s innovations. But then, this is business and everything is said to be fair in love and war. I think its obvious who is trying to start a war, or rather, who started the war.

Snapchat $4 billion IPO

Evan Spiegel And Mark Zuckerberg; ready for a long battle against each other

The height of it reached when Facebook was blasted by Evan Spiegel’s girlfriend about them copying Snapchat’s ideas. But again, who cares about Evan’s girlfriend? I definitely think Mark Zuckerberg does not. All he cares about is not letting Snapchat overshadow all his products – Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp.

Instagram Stories copying Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

This has led him to the simple tactic of making available to his users what Snapchat make available to their users, and even more. I wouldn’t blame him as this is entirely the business world, and just like in love and war, everything might also be fair here – expect if Snapchat do have a patent which they don’t.



It seems like since Facebook had an easy buy of whatsapp, they wanted to replicate the same feat with every social app they might regard as a potential threat to them. Well, not all of these ‘potential threats’ might be willing to sell, so Facebook might then take the dirty road to put them down – Snapchat is one of those apps.

Facebook made Snapchat, maker of an app for exchanging ephemeral messages, an offer of lasting value: $3 billion in cash, according to The Wall Street Journal. Snapchat, true to its form, discarded the deal just as it does the 350 million messages it handles every day. (

Now, I don’t know why Evan Spiegel rejected the offer, which was a very good one at that time. But what I do know is the fact that Evan Spiegel is one intelligent CEO. He has successful brought Snapchat to a point much higher than what Facebook offered them, and despite the threats and clones of Facebook, they haven’t shown any downward spiral.



You might want to know that Facebook has been fighting tooth and nail just to put Snapchat in the ground, but with the way Snapchat is soaring higher still and getting stronger, it seems Mark Zuckerberg has his match – someone who’s as intelligent as he is. Not to also mention that Facebook once turned down a $1Million offer from Yahoo. (Talk about been served in your own coins).

The social network, Facebook also I’m this same zeal to sniffle Snapchat made an unsuccessful bid some time back to acquire Snow, a Snapchat-esque app owned by South Korea-based Naver. The bid was rebuffed in spite of a phone call directly from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a source close to the company told TechCrunch.

Snow app, snapchat's clone in Asia

Snow app, snapchat’s clone in Asia

If you understand what Mark was aiming to do here, you’ll know it is more like saying, if you can’t buy MTN Nigeria, buy Globacom and use your numerous resources to push it to be as big as MTN. Resources that MTN does not have.

I must also note that if Facebook had successfully bought Snow, they would have given the app maximum publicity because it isn’t alien to us that Facebook surely holds advantage of abundant resources over Snapchat.

Well, again, just like it did with Instagram stories and Whatsapp status, Facebook has revamped its Messenger app to make it more like Snapchat as well. Messenger Day is similar to Snapchat Stories or WhatsApp Status and allows one to post photos and videos in their ‘day’ that will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

With Facebook Messenger Day, You’re always in control of who can see your day — share it with everyone, or choose specific friends and family members on Messenger.



>>The new ‘Messenger Day’ feature is rolling out globally

>>It has been made available for Android and iOS users

>>It disappears content in 24 hours just like Snapchat

>>Update your messenger app to get the Messenger Day feature.



Now it is very obvious that if Snapchat introduces another innovation today, Facebook will definitely copy it. And I wouldn’t have a problem with that, understanding that it is purely business.

But then, I would really advice Snapchat, if possible, to try getting a sole right to any of their innovations. I mean, a person’s idea should be protected by the law without even applying for anything. Bit since it is now this way, necessary steps ought to be taken to curb it.

Still yet, being the business savvy individual that I am, I so love Facebook’s style of doing this. Let’s enjoy the remaining show guys…

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