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Eight (8) (Everything) You Need To Know about Jumia Mobile Week 2017

The Jumia Mobile week is here again to offer you exclusive deals on smartphones and stuff, so in case you have not heard anything about it, or you have and do not understand what they were talking about, or you want to know more about it, then we have come to your aid and compiled eight things, which could pass as everything you need to know about the Jumia Mobile Week stay with is.

Jumia Mobile Week

Jumia Mobile Week

1. Best deal’s at night.

The best part of the Jumia mobile week are exclusive access to new deals if you log on at 11:30pm. So dear brothers and sisters, if you want to acquire some phones at exceedingly low prices, then it’ll be best of you stay awake sacrificing some quality sleep for quality phones. That’s how it works.

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2. You get cash back too

As a buyer, you get ₦6,000 cashback voucher on every order starting from ₦20,000 above. Based on this logistics, I’d then advice you to gather N20,000 for you purchase, as the cash back would do well to serve you better.


3. Top deals on the Jumia App

On the Jumia Appy hour, you will get access to top deals from hours between 9:15 to 10:15 am and 5:15 to 6:15 pm. What is the Jumia Happy hour? It is meant for those who uses the Jumia App for shopping in the Mobile week.

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4. Mobile Week? Even desktops too.

Now don’t get all deceived by the ‘mobile’ in the Jumia Mobile week, you are not restricted to only phones. There’d be discounts on tablets, and even desktop computers. More like ‘Jumia mobile and desktop computers week’, don’t you think?


5. 24 Hour delivery

Well, not everywhere though, but during the Jumia Mobile week, there’ll be a 24 hour delivery in Lagos. Errm.. but I can’t imagine a delivery man knocking my door around 2am in the wee hours of the morning. Even if I actually ordered the products, would I open the door? Let’s stick to the day please.


6. Free 4G Sim

So word is you get a free MTN 4G SIM anything you buy a smartphone during the Jumia Mobile Week. But again, if your vicinity does not support the 4G network YET, may God help your soul, but you still have the Sim even if you can’t use it. On this Sim, you’ll also benefit 20% bonus on your data and the next time you recharge for the next 3 months. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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7. Another Mobile Week?

Well, another ecommerce platform is also hosting a mobile week too, and they are Jumia’s major competitors in East Africa – Kilimall. You can read about theirs over Here.


8. Date? Time?

The Jumia Mobile Week starts from Monday, 24th of April and runs through till Sunday, 30th of April. So dear, bring out your cash and let is shop at extreme low prices until we can shop no more. Please be in the know that this campaign runs for 24 solid hours throughout its proposed week. So no dulling.


So this might just be like a reincarnation of the black Friday deals but with extremely special focus on smartphones. I think it might just be time to get my own smartphone. On competition, I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see a Konga mobile week too as they have always given Jumia a run for their money.

While we wait on that, presently, there might be a threat to jumia and co in this industry, and this newest competitor is also hosting Nigeria to a Mobile week and they are Kilimall. So techies, if Jumia’s deals aren’t mouth watering enough, you know where to go now.



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So do you want up to 50% off smartphones, then you do not have to carry over this course of the Mobile Week. 

Make it a date with Jumia starting from Monday but please do tell us the phone you want to buy during this week.

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