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Construction Of Africa-America Cable Begins

The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) has undergone a successful marine survey indicating that work can start fully on the cable system construction. The cable system is to serve the function of connecting the East coast of Africa with America.

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The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) alias Angola-Brazil Cable –if completed- will be the first submarine cable connecting the Africa to South America. The system is a strategized undersea cable in the South Atlantic Ocean that links Angola with Brazil. SACS linking Angola and Brazil means the data traffic won’t have to pass through Europe and U.S.A. The cable system is planned to provide routing between East Africa, Asia and the West Americans.

Angola Cables have confirmed that the marine survey for the cable system connection has been completed, with cable loading of SACS already starting in Angola. The completion of SACS is expected to be in the year 2018. The cable system will interconnect Brazil’s “Seabras-1” to the Angola’s “SAT-3/WASC” cable.

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The length of the cable to connect Angola to Brazil will be 6,165km. The cable will also contain four fibre pairs, with each fibre pair having the capacity to transmit 100 wavelengths with a 100Gbit/s bandwidth.

Deployment of the cable in the best route is to follow the completion of the marine survey. The route the cable will be deployed must be the best in order to avoid hazards which could reduce the longetivity of the cable system.

CEO of Angola Cables said the increased connectivity strength that will result from the SACS connection will make its customers enjoy its services.

“We have worked closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure the highest possible value of the SACS network for our customers,” said Nunes.

He added, “As part of our global connectivity strategy, SACS will offer the first direct, high-capacity southern transatlantic connection.”

The loading of Pre-Laid Shore End (PLSE), part of the build-up of SACS is in progress. Any route that needs adjustments can now be fine-tuned as the survey has revealed possible weak links.

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