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Chinese Company, TCL To Make Blackberry Branded Phones

“BlackBerry is gone and gone for life, hum ha, gone for life”. At least this was what most people thought – that the brand blackberry was coming to an eternal death. But then, I have news for you, which might not be so exciting to some and might be the news of the century to others, there would still be Blackberry branded phones, just that they would now be manufactured by a different company.

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Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL will be the exclusive global manufacturer and distributor of all upcoming BlackBerry-branded smartphones, with the exception of a few markets, namely India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Below are the words of Nicolas Zibell, CEO of TCL Communication:

TCL Logo

TCL Logo

“We [TCL Communication] are committed to creating the best portfolio solutions while ensuring the quality support to consumers and enterprise users who trust the integrity of the BlackBerry device and the brand’s security leadership, coupled with the Android platform”,

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“Together with BlackBerry’s smartphone software platform, this partnership will strengthen our position in the global mobile market”.

Going by the CEO’s words, it seems like they would begin to pay remarkable attention to building or manufacturing more blackberry devices which would run on an android platform. I personally think this is the best move as our society now through my unofficial statistics can boast of a 90% Android Operating system platform. If we were to take Nigeria as a case study in this scenario, the figures would be at nearly 95% android operating system usage amongst smartphone users.

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Blackberry have surely NOT thrown in the towel neither have they even thought of giving up in the smartphone industry as the Canadian company has said it will continue to “develop its security and software solutions.”

We can also recall that TCL bought the Palm name from HP last year and did nothing with it. Even if we’re still in the dark as to what the play might be, I know there’s some sort of connection between the two most recent move by the Chinese company, TCL.

So I guess we’ll be waiting till 2017 to see what TCL has in store for us. While we wait, let us know what phone specs would make you buy a blackberry branded smartphone.

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    hope they will not end up like Nokia

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