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2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: Preview of The Cars Expected 3

frankfurt motor show

It is now just four days to the Frankfurt Motor show. We continue our countdown to the beginning of the European showpiece motor show. The first two installments of the series can be found here and here. Have a quick look in case you missed some of next year’s defining cars. Today, unlike yesterday where we looked at four the ... Read More »

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: Preview of The Cars Expected 2

frankfurt motor show

Today, we continue the preview of the Frankfurt Motor Show. If you missed the first installment of this series, you can have a quick look at it here before checking out today’s piece. BMW are planning to stomp the Frankfurt Motor show at full turbo speed with the maximum rpm their four cars are capable of. Yes, you heard right. ... Read More »

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show: Preview of The Cars Expected 1

Frankfurt Motor show

It is barely one week to the largest motor show in the world. The Frankfurt, Germany, show will commence next week on the 15th. It is one auto show that is always anticipated because of the next-generation cars that are usually on display. Car makers usually use these shows (In Europe, the Geneva and the Paris motor shows are also among ... Read More »

Blackberry IoT Explores The Limit Of Cloud-Based Technology

blacckberry iot

These days Blackberry is mostly discussed in the context of what might have being. A behemoth that is slowly dying but still trudging on in the face of horrendous odds. That is why it is so admirable to see it trying to leverage on its vast networked infrastructure to build the Blackberry IoT (Internet of things), formerly known as Project ... Read More »

Qualcomm Puts Faith in The Snapdragon 602a As CPU Of The future Car

For me, the question that pops into my head is, why did Qualcomm use the Las Vegas 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to showcase the Snapdragon 602a? A specially made automative grade smartphone processor specially adapted for cars. Maybe they wanted to remind the world that the Snapdragon 602a is still around and kicking. Or perhaps the marketing execs at ... Read More »

Car Technology: Innovations That Will Change The Way We Drive (2)

In the first part of the car technology piece, we took a look at 3 different car technologies that are aiming to change the way we drive. The second and last part of the car technology articles will also look at three different types of technology all geared towards making motoring a more unique experience and ultimately safer for both ... Read More »

Car Technology: innovations that will change the way we drive (1)

Are you tired of waiting for car technology to catch up with the exciting world of the futuristic vehicles you dream of owning? Maybe those fantasies were fired by the many sci-fi movies you watched, and you are thinking, ‘Why not if it can be done in a movie?’ Actually, as far as car technology go, the future is practically ... Read More »

The 2016 Mercedes Benz E-Class Just Made the Smartphone Smarter

With the 2016 E-class, Mercedes Benz have decided to up the ante in car innovations especially with the use of mobile telecoms technology. According to industry reports, the German automaker sunk hundreds of millions into the development of the E-class.  The bottom line is, Mercedes Benz is trying to blur the lines between a car driven by an actual human ... Read More »

Toyota’s Mirai: The Future Of The Hydrogen-Powered Car is Now

Imagine this situation: you live in Lagos; you want to travel to Abuja the next day. So you take your car to the fuel station and fill it up to the brim in readiness for the journey the next day. The only difference here is your fuel is compressed hydrogen because your car is a hydrogen-powered car which is a ... Read More »

Technology On Wheels: Buying A New Hi-Tech Car

A Land Rover

In many respects technology has made life a lot easier for us. But one downside is that it has made life a little more complicated for the less tech savvy people. Buying a modern 21st century car can be a daunting task with all the hi-tech being incorporated to make the driving experience more safer and more pleasant. It’s important ... Read More »