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Ford-Google Partnership: A Marriage To Revolutionize Auto Technology

Ford-google partnership

One of the biggest event that did not happen at the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was the highly anticipated announcement by Ford motors and Google. The news that got everybody excited was that the two giants would form a Ford-Google partnership in the development the self-driving or autonomous car. The announcement did not take place. ... Read More »

NAIAS 2016: A Pointer To How Silicon Valley Will Merge With Motor City


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas ended last week with a surprisingly strong focus on cars. Some might find it weird for so many cars to be exhibited at a consumer electronics show. The reality of the today’s hi-tech world is that the lines between all sorts of products are blurred. The dizzying speed technology is integrating consumer products ... Read More »

Ford Self-Driving Car Is Being Tested In Snowy Conditions

Ford-google partnership

Ford used the world-renowned Detroit auto show to announce that it is also in the autonomous or self-driving car business. Specifically, it said the Ford self-driving car is being tested in adverse weather conditions especially snow. For Ford, it’s testing of the self-driving car in snowy conditions comes on the heels of the Latest report by Google on how the ... Read More »

11 Cheap Cars That Makes You Look Rich – Part 4

10. Chrysler 200 – Extreme Makeover, Automotive Edition Base price range: $22,695-$31,420 Radically redesigned for 2015 with an amalgam of U.S. and European engineering and design, what was until recently the poster child for automotive mediocrity has suddenly become a worthy contender among midsize sedans. Looking and feeling richer than its competitive price would suggest, the recast 200 is expressively ... Read More »

11 Cheap Cars That Makes You Look Rich – Part 3

7. Ford Fusion – Dressed to Impress. Base price range: $23,225-$33,425 Crisp creases, subtle curves, and a front end pilfered from Aston Martin, this sedan looks more like a luxury car than a family car priced at the heart of the midsize market. The high style extends to the handsome interior. All-wheel drive is available. And high tech is on ... Read More »

11 Cheap Cars That Makes You Look Rich – Part 2

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata – Just for Fun Base price range: $24,765-$33,000 Sometimes looking rich means looking carefree. With just two seats and a tiny trunk, the diminutive MX-5 Miata roadster is more or less as a grown-up’s plaything. It’s this very lack of practicality, wrapped in pure-fun styling, that suggests to onlookers a member of the leisure class is ... Read More »

11 Cheap Cars That Makes You Look Rich – Part 1

1. Toyota Prius – You Could Be a Hollywood Millionaire Base price range: $25,025-$30,830 Here’s an affordable ride that’s indeed a rich person’s car. To the deep distress of various political partisans, this gas/electric hybrid is particularly popular among wealthy motorists living where environmental consciousness (or its appearance) trumps wretched excess — at least as far as one’s vehicular choices ... Read More »

The Future of Human Drivers

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re wondering what all the hype about Tesla is. Well don’t wonder far. Tesla is an automobile company founded by a prolific entrepreneur and business man, Elon Musk. Well in this article you will a new upgrade to the seemingly already full bag of innovations from the Tesla. For our story today however, the electric ... Read More »

All You Should Know About the New Google Self-Driving Car – Part 2

In our last post we talked about debunking and busting some popular questions and myths surrounding self-driving cars using Google’s self-driving car as example. Now today we shall continue in our sequel.   Who built it? As is typical of Google to begin important innovations from scratch to finish, Google has also designed the car from scratch, starting with the ... Read More »

Tesla’s Autopilot For Dummies: A Concise Breakdown Explanation

It is not every day you get to open a door and step into the future. But to pull the handle on a newly updated Tesla Model S this week and slide into the driver’s seat was to catch a glimpse of the auto industry’s plans to soon let cars drive us, rather than the other way around. The updated Tesla, an already ... Read More »