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Bomb Scare At Lagos Airport Caused By Smoking MacBook

The CEO of Kirusa, a company that provides the InstaVoice App and services that are offered by the Nigerian mobile operators including MTN, Airtel, and Etisalat, Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick had a not so good experience on the 11th of April, when his MacBook emitted smoke and melted in the middle of Lagos Airport while he was trying to catch a flight back to New Jersey.

According to him, “I looked down and was bewildered to see smoke coming out of my Rollaway laptop bag.  I panicked, and as I turned the bag upside down, my smoking hot MacBook Pro came out on the floor.  All this took a few seconds before I saw and heard a security officer dashing to my bag, and asking me to step back, and step back more, and stand still, as more officers got to the scene.”

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Apple Macbook pro causes bomb scare at airport

Apple Macbook pro causes bomb scare at airport

The security officer, also a bomb squad expert went through, and emptied his bag till he was sure of safety, after which he focused on the MacBook which was emitting black smoke while some of its keys were melting and coming off.

It was after this that the security officer took control of the MacBook, his iPhone (He was allowed to take a couple of pictures of the MacBook before handing it over) and Passport, he was also subjected to different rounds of questioning by the head of the bomb squad, FAAN airport security and other security personnel.

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Macbook melting off its keys

Macbook melting off its keys

What was he doing, why did the laptop get burnt, why was he in Nigeria, what does he do in Nigeria, when did he arrive, where is he going, how long has he owned the laptop, what did he do to cause it to get hot and smoking, and so on” were some of the questions asked from him.

Then, it was resolved that the laptop could not go on an airplane for safety reasons. Describing the experience, Dr. Mumick said ”It was a harrowing and scary incident, yet I must admire the courteousness and professionalism of the Nigerian security teams, and especially the bomb squad officer and the head of the bomb squad.  In hindsight, how they reacted, resolved, and conducted themselves is the reason I suffered no harm.”

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He complained to the Apple customer care but got a “flabbergasting” reply as seen below in the screenshot.

Apple customer care email response

Apple customer care email response

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