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Blackberry Aurora (DUAL-SIM): Did Blackberry Get This One Right?

The most recent news about BlackBerry now is the recent release of their first Dual Sim smartphone. All BlackBerry devices from day one have always made provision for only one Sim slot. This, of course limited the users and fan boys in one way or the other.

Just like how Wikipedia composed it, BlackBerry was considered one of the most prominent smartphone vendors in the world, specializing in secure communications and mobile productivity. At its peak in September 2013, there were 85 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide.

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However, BlackBerry has since lost its dominant position in the market due to the success of the Android and iOS platforms; the same numbers had fallen to 23 million in March 2016 – very bad to say the least.

Not to also mention that most recent reports had it that the market share for the Blackberry Operating system is now at 0.0%, which translates that smartphone users make use of “other Operating systems” than they do Blackberry.

“Other” here means every other operating system which excludes Android, iOS and some other bigwigs in the industry. It refers to the very inconsequential ones. I’m still wondering how or why people are still stucked there.

A lot of these and many other factors must have led blackberry to even think of releasing the Blackberry Aurora, hoping it would crawl their way back into the hearts of mankind and replicate its dominance like the 2013 days. But again, they might just be trying their luck, who knows?

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So some months, or maybe a year back, HMD Global was given the right to manufacture Nokia branded phones into the phone market, and since then, it would be just perfect to say that they have been getting almost everything right since they started out.

Right from the release or announcement of the Nokia 6 smartphone, just like it was before now, Nokia has been the name on everyone’s lips and for very good reasons. It seem to me like Nokia looked closely at the industry and determine the preferences of customers, while they produced a smartphone that’ll match those preferences to the very core.

This, above, might be the secret of success of the Nokia 6 smartphone which sold out in less than a minute. Need I mention that all these happened despite the Nokia 6 having a pretty high price.

Moving forward, Nokia casted our hearts to the very good old days when you can use a very strong phone, with an impressive battery life. This was when the Nokia 3310 was introduced.

So Nokia released a high priced phone – the Nokia 6 – then released some mid priced ones – Nokia 5 and so on – and now, decided to release a low prices phone – the Nokia 3310, which no one was anticipating, but it caught their attention anyways which is highly commendable on the part of the manufacturers.

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Well, this is Nokia, let’s cast our focus on blackberry and see if they’re getting it right already with the release of the Blackberry Aurora.



First, what type of phone are putting blackberry phones out of the market? If you have been observant enough, you’ll discover that they are mostly “no button” type of phones. Meanwhile, BlackBerry is very synonymous with smartphones that still possesses buttons, which was glaring as they launched the Blackberry Mercury some weeks ago.

But now, they have decided to go with a “no screen” type of phones through the advent of the Blackberry Aurora. I’d say in my own very opinion that it is a very good stride and move on their part.

One would think they are still obsessed with the production of phones with button, especially after the release of Blackberry Mercury. But today, Blackberry Aurora stops that entire thought, and it seems like they are already getting it right. Let’s see how well they are accepted back into the industry.

Also worthy to mention is the Android Operating System on which the Blackberry Aurora runs. They might have had other phones run on this system, but at this stage in time, what they need to manufacture is a phone on the Android OS, if they even want people to blink when their product is mentioned. The Blackberry Aurora also supports the 4G network- one word, IMPRESSIVE.

We do not know if its all the same story or its a “welcome back blackberry”.

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