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DonJazzy Launches Free WiFi Service – See Locations

Free internet access

It is seeming like some people are beginning to understand that there is no investment like one made in a tech product (more like – on a lighter note though. One of these people seem to be veteran musician and record label boss, DonJazzy. In a bid to sooth the use of social media, Mavin Records founder, Don Jazzy ... Read More »

Nokia To Livestream MWC 2017Event With Its New 360-degree VR Camera

Nokia OZO 360-degree VR camera

Right now, Nokia is the brand name on everyone’s lips and almost everyone is anticipation what HMD global – company that manufactures Nokia branded devices – has in store for us this year, though there have been a few confirmed and reliable rumors. Read more: Current Price List Of Nokia Phones On Slot Nigeria (2017) It isn’t news anymore that the ... Read More »

Bill Gates Thinks Robots Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates plans to lauch chicken foundation to African communities to end poverty

We all know for a well known fact that the rise of robots in any industry would surely reduce the number of employees needed by that industry. But then, some people – including one of the richest men in the world – think that these robots should pay taxes too, since they work in the capacity of humans. Read more: Bill ... Read More »

Apple to Open New Campus “Apple Park” In April – Photos

Apple campus

Popular and one of the biggest smartphone makers, Apple has built a new campus and this one is located in California, Cupertino to be precise. Read more: Apple To Debut First Ever Wireless Charging Feature With iPhone 8 Apple has announced today that Apple Park, the company’s new 175-acre campus, will be ready for employees to begin occupying in April. The process ... Read More »

Jumia Travel Extends Services To Flight Reservations

Jumia taking over African internet Group

One of the best things in this world – in business actually – is to keep expanding your horizons. Spreading your tentacles to reach places you had always dreamt of. This should apply to us all as techies, or any other thing we call ourselves. Read more: Jumia Launches ‘Jumia Local’ To Sell Only Made In Nigeria Products Jumia Travel is ... Read More »

Finally, YouTube To Stop 30-Seconds Non-Skippable Ads

YouTube Connect

Have you ever been so excited to watch a video on YouTube only to be firstly, frustrated with a very long and boring ad at the beginning. And this time, not 5 seconds, not 10 seconds, but a whole 30 second ad. The most annoying part of this is that these ads are most likely unskippable. YouTube, fear God. Read ... Read More »

List Of Tech Hubs In Africa: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda & Others

Startups investments

Firstly, what is a Tech Hub? According to Roland Tritsch, VP of Global Engineering at Nitro, “‘Tech hub’ is a term we hear bandied about often but how is it actually defined? I’d be inclined to describe a tech hub as a type of ‘utopia’ where things happen faster, people are smarter and meeting investors is easier – as a ... Read More »

Google And Bing To Tackle Illegal Pirate Websites

Google hire Amazon executive, David Foster, Google Hardware division

When it comes to piracy of anything, I believe every country have their own story to tell. Ranging from movie piracy, to content piracy and so on. But then, Nigeria as a country has more stories to tell on this matter. Read more: Google’s Women TechMakers Meetup Debuts in Nigeria; See The Host Well, since we don’t take it too serious ... Read More »

Ntel Launches 4G Network In PortHarcourt

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

I have always opined, and will continue to do so, that in a few years – very few -, the 3G network would have gone extinct. This is because of the fast penetration of the 4G LTE network in Nigeria, and the whole world generally. Read more: What To Expect From 4G-LTE In Nigeria Telecommunications industries have been launching the 4G ... Read More »

Privacy Infringement: Kenyan Government To Monitor Online Communications Of Citizens

social accounts

Well, in my honest opinion, this is entirely out of it. Infringing on people’s privacy should be the least agenda on a country’s government priority list. It shouldn’t even be on the agenda at all. But then, welcome here. Read more: Smart Number Plates In Kenya Is Coming In 2017 According to validated reports, the Kenyan Government may soon monitor the ... Read More »