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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users In The Fastest Time Frame

Instagram reaches 700 million users

Whoaa, it is now confirmed that once you have the platform, you can be like your competitors by doing the same thing they are doing. One would have thought otherwise when it came to the issue of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but then, they have proved all of us wrong. READ MORE: Facebook Copying Snapchat: The Root, Dirty Tricks & ... Read More »

Fero Power 1 Price In Nigeria, Kenya, Specifications And Review

Fero Power 1 specs and price

TAGS; Fero Power 1, Fero Power 1 specs, Fero Power 1 price, Fero Power 1 price in Nigeria, Fero Power 1 price in Kenya, Fero Power 1 specifications, Fero Power 1 full specifications, Fero Power 1 review, Fero Power 1 specs and review, Fero Power 1 battery capacity, Fero Power 1 device, Fero Power 1 camera. Fero’s newly launched FERO ... Read More »

Cooking Fuel Provider, PayGo Energy Gets $1.43m Investment In Kenya

PayGo Energy Team

PayGo Energy, a cooking fuel provider that allows households to cook on clean burning Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and uses pay-as-you-go technology to allow customers to purchase the system over time via mobile money has secured an amount of funding totaling $1.43m from a series of investors. READ MORE: Meet LARA: AI System That Assists You With Transportation Directions To Anywhere ... Read More »

Top Ten (10) Breakthroughs In The World’s Technology

Breakthroughs in technology

No doubt, technology has made immense contribution to our daily life right from the very beginning till today, which is why I bring to you ten (10) technology breakthroughs we have ever witnessed. Just stay with me. The emergence of smartphones In the year 1999, a firm with its base in Japan, NTT DoCoMo, released the first smartphones to witness ... Read More »

Cameroon Internet Now Back To Live, But…

At first, I thought we were getting to 100 days, we would have made a special post for it. Recall that we made a post about the internet shut down in Anglophone speaking parts of Cameroon after the inhabitants of that place held a protest. In this post, we also took a look at the effects of the internet shut ... Read More »

At What Age Did You Use Your First Phone? See When Bill Gates’ Kids Did

Bill Gates plans to lauch chicken foundation to African communities to end poverty

When you see the likes of Bill gates, doing great things in the tech world, what else can you imagine than their homes being the home of all kind of technology gadgets you can always think of. But this is not so in majority of cases, like Bill Gates’. READ MORE: Bill Gates Thinks Robots Should Pay Taxes Bill Gates ... Read More »

FINALLY! Airtel To Rollout 4G LTE Services

Airtel 4G

After the rollout of 4G LTE network in Nigeria, by the leading telcos, MTN Globacom and etisalat, the questions on people’s lips was all revolving about if Airtel would also launch the 4G LTE, and when they would do that. At a point, we thought there’d be no Airtel 4G at all. Not to also mention that they were the ... Read More »

Meet LARA: AI System That Assists You With Transportation Directions To Anywhere


Lara is an artificial intelligence system that assists users to get from one point to another by providing detailed, text-based, step-by-step directions and accurate fare estimates. READ MORE: Meet GlamAfric: Finding Beauty And Wellness Professionals Near You Is Now Easy You would agree with me that in most developing countries, like Nigeria, transportation is not really a smooth activity as ... Read More »

There Are 1001 Kinds Of Startups You Can Build: Here Are Eight (8)

Startups investments

YES! There are even more than a thousand kinds of startup you can build or venture in, because to me, as far as technology is concerned, we have just seen the very tip of the iceberg. There is still a lot more to come, and it is only for the intelligent and creative to figure out. While we have listed ... Read More »

See New MasterCard With A Fingerprint Scanner

New MasterCard with fingerprint scanner

I can conveniently tell you at this point that technology is limitless. The way we are going, are you sure we won’t be able to download food from the internet soon? That’s on a lighter not though. But then, of think technology is stretching us real well – doing the once impossible. READ MORE: Mastercard In New Partnership With GTP Quie ... Read More »