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The Best Android and iPhone Apps Of 2016 (Concl)

best android iphone apps 2016

This is the concluding part of the series on the best app of 2016. Read the first part here. The second and third parts can be found here and here respectively. Google Allo Launched this year, Google Allo is a messaging app that wants the world to ignore the likes of WhatsApp. How is that possible? By integrating Google Assistant ... Read More »

The Best Android and iPhone Apps Of 2016 (3)

best android iphone apps 2016

This is the third part on the best mobile apps of 2016. You can read the first and second parts here and here respectively. Google Translate Google Translate has been around for so long it is a wonder it is not as popular as the very best free apps or softwares. I guess one reason is because Google Translate, though ... Read More »

The Best Android and iPhones Apps Of 2016 (2)

best android iphone apps 2016

This is the second part of the best apps of this year. Go here to have a read at the first part. Snapchat As far as chat apps are concerned, 2106 could be called the year of Snapchat. Not many people outside of the US and Canada knew about this app until Facebook and others started copying features of Snapchat ... Read More »

The Best Android and iPhones Apps Of 2016 (1)

best android iphone apps 2016

It is that time of the year again where we look back and take stock of the year that is just about to end. As usual, apps played a major role in the world of tech. Some apps came with lots of promises. Some fell by the way side after starting off with with a bang. The world of apps ... Read More »

VLC Media Player Adds Support For 360-Degree Videos And Much More

VLC media player get 360-degree video support

VLC, the world’s number open source free media player just added a new feature to the software that would take it to another level. The feature though is mainly about keeping up with the latest video technology and formats. This time around, we are talking 360-degree videos. VLC median player is one of the softwares I make sure to install ... Read More »

Nigeria’s Telecoms Reject Phone calls Tax: How Bad is the Tax?

Telecoms reject Phone calls tax

When last week I saw the headlines that the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria had the idea of introducing telephone calls tax on Nigerians, I did not take the news seriously because as they say, every man is entitled to his opinion. Besides, the statement was made not as a CBN policy statement. It was just his remarks ... Read More »

Video Streaming Feature Comes To WhatsApp At Last

WhatsApp video streaming feature

This happens most of the time with WhatsApp users; I’m positive you’d nod your head in agreement by the time I’m done painting the picture in your mind. You are chatting with a friend or a loved one on WhatsApp. They send you a video they feel you ought to watch because it is germane to the discussion going on. ... Read More »

My Top 3 File Managers For Your Android Smartphone

Top 3 Android file managers

The importance of a file manager In Android smartphones cannot be overstated. Without a file manager, how in the name of all things good can you access and manage files effectively. It is sad that many people don’t know the use or importance of a file manager. The only time they learn about file managers is when they find it ... Read More »

How To Take Screenshots Easily With Windows Snipping Tool

Screenshots with windows Snipping Tool

If you read how it was shown how easy it is to do a screenshot of whatever is showing on your Windows desktop, you would have noticed where I said that using ‘Prt SC’ was the first method I learned. This method came a little later and I happened on it inadvertently. I was reading the comments on one of ... Read More »

How To Easily Take Screenshots Of Your Computer Screen

Windows PC Screenshots

I get asked this question a lot: how to take screenshots of what is showing on your PC’s desktop. Before I learned how do it, it was a big mystery to me too, only to discover after some basic research on Google Search that the process wasn’t difficult. As a matter of fact, it is so darn easy it is ... Read More »