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Reasons Why Free Apps Are Not That Free Afterall

“Awuff” is the order of the day in the Nigerian setting. The consciousness we have gets on a whole new level when we hear or notice something is free. This also applies to the app world. Most of us search for only free apps to download. If a survey is taken, I can assure you that at least 70% of ... Read More »

Ogun State To House Main One’s Data Centre

Main One, one of the leading telecom services and network solutions for enterprises in the Western region of Africa is on the verge of constructing a data centre in the South Western region of Nigeria, Ogun State. Main One provides world class solutions to the West African region. The news about the plan to construct a data centre by Main ... Read More »

Bank Account Of Bitcoin Company In Nigeria Still Frozen

Luno, a major bitcoin exchange company still has its Nigerian bank account frozen. The reason the account was blocked was due to an issue originating from a third party. The bank account with Stanbic IBTC has been frozen for close to a month now. The account being frozen was confirmed by Luno in one of its latest blog posts. For ... Read More »

Construction Of Africa-America Cable Begins

The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) has undergone a successful marine survey indicating that work can start fully on the cable system construction. The cable system is to serve the function of connecting the East coast of Africa with America. READ MORE: Country With The Fastest Mobile Internet Connection The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) alias Angola-Brazil Cable –if completed- will ... Read More »

Showcase Of Innovations At Facebook Event, F8

Social media giant Facebook holds a developer conference annually called F8. The conference is a platform for Facebook to share its new products and services with its wide array of users. F8 is also a platform for developers across the globe to showcase their products. DON’T MISS THIS: Microsoft’s Edge Browser, Most Hacked At Pwn20wn 2017 Hacking Event The event had ... Read More »

OFFICIAL: Computer Village Will Be Relocated By LASG

The popular gadget community, Computer Village will be relocated by the Lagos State Government (LASG). Computer Village will now be moved to ICT Park, Katangowa, Agbado. This was announced during the 2017 Press Briefing held today. The decision was made as part of the plans to transform the central economic city in Nigeria to a mega city. Computer Village is ... Read More » Launched To Give Business Resolutions

Provided that human wants are insatiable, there’s bound to be complaints from customers about a company’s product or service. It is a business norm for customers to be unsatisfied with a company’s product or service; how the company addresses such issues is one of the key determinants of the company’s customer base. Sometimes, the company addresses the issue in their ... Read More »

Jumia Lost €60.2 million In Revenue In 2016

According to Rocket Internet’s recent financial report for 2016, Jumia lost €60.2 million in revenue. Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce giant is an ecosystem of e-commerce, marketplace, websites and applications. The company is most notable for its e-commerce prowess which makes it one of the leading online stores in Africa. Rocket Internet can be called the “Father of Jumia” because Jumia ... Read More »

Startupbootcamp To Launch Its Maiden Accelerator Program

Startupbootcamp, a global network of industry startup accelerators recently made an announcement about the launch of its maiden edition of accelerator program in Africa, which is to be held in Cape Town, South Africa. Accelerator programs are intended to accelerate the growth of startups and also to expand the startup. Startupbootcamp isn’t straying away from this purpose as the network ... Read More »

Participants Selected For Barclays Accelerator 2017

Techstars, a startup accelerator based in US has selected 10 startups for its second edition –second year running- of Barclays Accelerator in Cape Town. Techstars is an accelerator that gives startups mentorship and seed-stage investment services in order to grow their startups. READ MORE:  Apply For $250,000 & $1.5m In XL Africa Accelerator Program The accelerator program organized by Techstars ... Read More »