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New “BlackBerry Mercury” To Sport 4.5-inch Screen and Physical QWERTY Keyboard

Firstly, it no news that Chinese Company, TCL will start production of new  Blackberry Branded phones. We reported that some days ago. Read it HERE   Now with Chinese electronics manufacturer, TCL being the exclusive global manufacturer and distributor of all upcoming BlackBerry-branded smartphones (with the exception of a few markets, namely India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia), BlackBerry and TCL ... Read More »

Acer Temporarily Quits The India’s Smartphone Market

After 6 years of sales, Acer takes a break from India Smartphone market After a 2010 debut in the India’s smartphone market, things have significantly changed for Acer. Albeit the tech company experienced a fair share of success in its early years in India, the company’s recent struggles in the world’s fastest growing Smartphone market have now led to a ... Read More »

TECH RUMOUR: HTC 11 To Feature 8GB RAM, 256GB ROM and A Powerful Chipset

The current best device of HTC (this is actually up for debate though), HTC 10, which was announced April 2016 is HTC’s current flagship smartphone. Even though the device did pretty well in terms of sales, it actually fell behind the Samsung galaxy S7 and the Apple iPhone 7 which both, undoubtedly, dominated the smartphone market this year. Would it ... Read More »

Tecno Winpad 2 Review, Specs And Price In Nigeria

Tecno Winpad 2 in Nigeria price in Kenya, Ghana and review

This article Tecno Winpad 2 in Nigeria, where to buy Tecno Winpad 2, how much is Tecno Winpad 2,  covers Tecno Winpad 2 specifications, Full Features, Tecno Winpad 2 Reviews, Prices,  Samsung Camon photos, Tecno Winpad 2 price In Nigeria,Tecno Winpad 2 release date, USA, Kenya, Tecno Winpad 2 camera, Tecno Winpad 2 design, Tecno Winpad 2 battery,  how much ... Read More »

‘Our Batteries Won’t Explode!’ Makers Of Galaxy Note 7 Battery Tell Clients

Samsung SDI battery

Samsung SDI is still reeling from the collateral damage caused from fires that affected  Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 devices around the world. Samsung SDI is an affiliate of Samsung Electronics whose major business is to make batteries for smartphones including Samsung phones. The company was created in 1970 as a partnership with NEC of Japan to designed and manufacture vacuum ... Read More »

Infinix Zero 4 Plus Review In Nigeria, Specs And Price

This article Infinix Zero 4 Plus in Nigeria, where to buy Infinix Zero 4 Plus, how much is Infinix Zero 4 Plus,  covers Infinix Zero 4 Plus specifications, Full Features, Infinix Zero 4 Plus Reviews, Prices,  Samsung Camon photos, Infinix Zero 4 Plus price In Nigeria,Infinix Zero 4 Plus release date, USA, Kenya, Infinix Zero 4 Plus camera, Infinix Zero ... Read More »

Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II Review, Price And Specs In Nigeria- Techcity

TECNO DroiPad 10 Pro II specs and price in Nigeria

This article Tecno Droid Pad Pro in Nigeria, where to buy Tecno Droid Pad Pro, how much is Tecno Droid Pad Pro,  covers Tecno Droid Pad Pro specifications, Full Features, Tecno Droid Pad Pro Reviews, Prices,  Samsung Camon photos, Tecno Droid Pad Pro price In Nigeria,Tecno Droid Pad Pro release date, USA, Kenya, Tecno Droid Pad Pro camera, Tecno Droid ... Read More »

Huawei P10 Price In Nigeria, Specs And Reviews

Huawei P10 release date, price in Nigeria, kenya, South Africa, Specs and reviews - leaked photo

This article Huawei P10 in Nigeria, where to buy Huawei P10, how much is Huawei P10,  covers Huawei P10 specifications, Full Features, Huawei P10 Reviews, Prices,  Samsung Camon photos, Huawei P10 price In Nigeria, Huawei P10 release date, USA, Kenya, Huawei P10 camera, Huawei P10 design, Huawei P10 battery,  how much is Huawei P10, how many ram is Huawei P10, ... Read More »

Gionee S9 Price In Nigeria, Specs And Review


This article Gionee S9 in Nigeria, where to buy Gionee S9, how much is Gionee S9,  covers Gionee S9 specifications, Full Features, Gionee S9 Reviews, Prices,  Samsung Camon photos, Gionee S9 price In Nigeria, Gionee S9 release date, USA, Kenya, Gionee S9 camera, Gionee S9 design, Gionee S9 battery,  how much is Gionee S9, how many ram is Gionee S9, ... Read More »

List Of Hottest And Coolest Phones. Number One Will Surprise You

Most times when doing a heavy operations on our high-end devices, the operations could be making a phone calls for a very long time, watching live videos online or watching Youtube videos online, it is normal for our phones to get hot, in a normal circumstances, this is should be normal but at a time when our devices become too ... Read More »