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Apple Is No Longer A Top Brand

“Oh! How have the mighty fallen” would be a perfect exclamation phrase for what you are about to read now while keeping in mind that in business, you either be proactive or get kicked put of the market, if not entirely, to a larger extent.

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Once upon a time, about four years ago, when Apple was a brand to contend with, but now, it all seems like that’s about to change, at least if the latest report from LaptopMag is to be taken with any inch of seriousness.

Apple no longer a top brand

Apple no longer a top brand

Most people might buy a Macbook because of numerous reasons, one of which might be the power that the Apple brand comes with. But that era would be end as according to LaptopMag, Apple has fallen, they moved from the number one spot (Which they’ve held since 2013) to number 5, quite a fall.

Now, Apple fanboys might be wondering how in the world they came up with the rankings. Well, to arrive at that score, LaptopMag measured the brand’s performance in areas like customer support, design quality, innovation, and price. They also justified their rating by saying how MacBooks have shown average performance, not on par with their price.

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The fall of the Apple brand

The fall of the Apple brand

On the top of the list is Lenovo which evidently is in the right place with the way Lenovo branded laptops are flying around. Next to it is the Asus brand which of course isn’t as popular as the Lenovo brand. Even if it is, I do not think popularity is the only criteria for the rankings in this case.

Dell occupies the 3rd place (it was previously on the 2nd position), while the HP brand climbs up two spaces to sit on the 4th position. Acer and Apple share the 5th position which might not be too reasonable in almost every school of thought. But then, that is what the statistics and the result says.

Samsung and Microsoft brands sits at the bottom 9th and 10th positions respectively. This however leads me to a concern as if you were to view it without statistics, you would be tempted to rate the Samsung brand side by side with the Apple brand, even if stats says entirely otherwise.

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Well, this goes to show how much Apple might have fallen, and the rise of Lenovo too to the top of the pack. This is how it is, for now.

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