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Again! ‘Safe’ Galaxy Note 7 Unit Explodes On A Plane

The way this is going, I don’t think the forces behind the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion are relaxing a bit. In fact, I think they have just started. Just when we thought the nightmare was over, we were proved wrong as another unit of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – this one deemed ‘safe’ – exploded on a flight.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes again

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes again

Today at Louisville International Airport, a Galaxy Note 7 exploded as passengers were boarding a flight which forced a prompt evacuation and caused minor damage to the plane.
As travelers were hopping aboard the Southwest Flight 994 to Baltimore on Wednesday, a Galaxy Note 7 overheated and began to emit smoke. Naturally, passengers were swiftly ushered off the plane so the issue could be dealt with. Apparently there were no injuries, although the carpet did suffer a little bit of damage.

Safe Note 7 unit explodes on a plane

Safe Note 7 unit explodes on a plane

After rounds of recalling the Note 7, Samsung finally relaunched it and labelled it as safe which means it wouldn’t experience the explosions its older bros experienced. But here is a safe unit that just experienced it.


See the big black square that's supposed to confirm that the unit inside has a safe battery

See the big black square that’s supposed to confirm that the unit inside has a safe battery

Looking at the picture above, very noticeable is the big black square that’s supposed to confirm that the unit inside has a safe battery, one that isn’t prone to spontaneously combusting. The Note 7’s owner says his device had the green battery icon too, another confirmation that this was a replacement unit.

Here’s what allegedly happened. Brian Green, the owner of the exploding phone, turned it off after boarding, as per the flight crew’s instructions. He put it in his pocket when it began smoking. He then dropped it on the floor of the plane, noticing “thick grey-green angry smoke” coming out of it.

When a colleague of his went back into the plane to get some personal belongings, he noticed that the phone burned through the carpet and managed to scorch the subfloor of the plane.Green says it was at 80% battery left when this happened, and he’s only ever used wireless chargers to top it up since he got it. Samsung has not commented on this yet.

Well well, we don’t know what could be wrong here. Even after changing their battery producers, this is still happening? We are forced into believing that their problem is beyond normal. But what we do know is that their brand is being badly battered by this occurrences as I, for one wouldn’t touch a device that explodes with a 10 foot pole. Would you?

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