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19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (3)

This is the concluding part of the awesome features of Android Nougat. You can read the first part here, while the second part is here.

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat

Instant, fast reply

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat quick reply feature

Replying to messages from apps like Facebook, Google Hangouts or Messenger can be done directly from the notification. Which means you don’t have to open the apps to reply to the message.  That is if you are to busy to open the app before typing out a reply.

Set how important each notification is

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat, set notification importance

That should be useful for very busy folks who have tons of notifications coming into their phone daily.

This feature might seem redundant for many users though.

To set how important specific notifications are for specific apps, just press and hold the notification to view how important that notification is. To change the default settings, tap on More Settings and move the slider in whatever direction you want. As the slider moves, Nougat would tell you the level of importance at certain points.

Data saver for background apps

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat background apps data saver

Apps running in the background contribute a lot to data been wasted on Android devices. Previous versions of Android OS came with features to restrict background data. But they hardly work as expected.

Android Nougat data saver for background apps promises to be better and efficient.

To enable it, go to the data usage menu and tap on Data Saver to open it. From there, you can scroll through a list of apps installed in your device and switch on background data for any app you want to access the net even when it is not active.

That way only when you actually open an app to make it active would it start using your data. It would be awesome if what you get in real time experience is what you read here.

Fast settings from pull down screen

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat; fast settings from pull down screen

To view your notifications, of course all you have to do is to swipe the screen for the top to bottom. In Android Nougat, this pull down screen is also embedded with a quick settings button.

Instead of reading your notifications you can change the settings for things like WiFi (switch on or off), battery settings, Bluetooth, and some other items.

There are five items in the quick settings bar. You can also change or re-order them according to your preferences.

Tiles and Quick settings

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat; Tiles and Quick settings

As Google give independent developers more freedom to work with the OS, developers are creating more and more apps that are only found in the Quick Settings bar.

To add or remove items from you quick settings panel, just tap Edit. This would take you to a window where you can add or remove the item.

Another thing you can do is to long press on the tile to easily disable or enable any app or feature of your choice.

With the interactive quick settings, going to the main settings menu would only happen rarely. The Quick settings would take charge of most of your every day tweaks.

Make-over of settings menu

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat; make-over of settings menu

The settings menus has been redesigned to give you the tablet feel, making it easier to navigate the setting sections.

Once you click on an item on the settings menu, the left hand side of the screen slides out to reveal the sub-sections of that item.

Going back to the main setting screens would not have to be by pressing the back button making navigation very easy.

People who are used to Android tablets know exactly how convenient this is.

Prompted Settings

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat; prompted settings

Still on the settings feature. The first time you open the settings menu in Nougat, Nougat would prod you to do certain things while there. These are things that are necessary but you may not think of at the time.

At the same time, you might find this feature rather intrusive as it sends notification to you to do this or that; especially if you know exactly what you are doing and are in a hurry.

Tapping on any suggested tip would open the the requisite setting section where you can set up the suggestion the way you desire.



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