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19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (2)

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Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat

7.Set different wallpaper for lockscreen

Why it took this long for this feature to become available is anyone’s guess. Maybe the Android development team had too many things to think about they never came round to doing something this easy and obvious.

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat Lockscreen wallpaper

But now it is here. So everything is now okay with the world I guess.

You can now set a wallpaper for lockscreen in Nougat. And the way to do it is not different from setting a wallpaper for your home screen. The only difference is that now, when you chose a wall paper, Nougat would ask if you want it to be on your home screen or lock screen. The choice is yours.

8.Removing recently used apps

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat remove all recent apps

There is now a clear all recent apps button. That means with just a touch of a button, all recently openly apps are cleared unlike in previous iterations of Android where you have to do it individually for each app.

On tapping the recent apps button to show a list of your active apps, just scroll to the top of the list to see the Clear All sign. Tapping on it would immediately close all the apps and a new text is displayed to tell you you don’t have any recent apps.

9.APK, where did you come from?

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat APK origin

Okay, that is the sort of question you would ask if you want to know the source of an app before transferring it from, let’s say, your friends Nougat to your own Nougat.

Why do you want to do that? I guess to see if the source is a reputable site or they have a nasty habit of sending malicious apps couched as authentic apps.

To do this, just go to settings> Apps, and tap on any application there. For now, Nougat can only tell if an app was installed from Play Store. If the app was installed from a third party source, you would see something like ‘installed from package installer.’

I am sure this information could be useful in so many ways.

10.Installation Animation

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat animation during installation

Do you ever bother with the animation you see when installation app from third party sources. I don’t care about them. I am just anxious for the app to install properly so I can start using them.

But Google think some people care about animation a lot. And I am sure they are right too. So in Nougat, when installing an app from outside Play Store, you get to see the Android bot once again at the top of the progress bar.

11.Notifications can be bundled

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat bundled notifications feature

If an app has being upgraded to use Nougat, the notifications for that app can be bundled together. What this means is that assuming you have 10 notifications from Facebook Messenger, all the messages can be banded together in a sort of folder.

So if you have multiple notifications for different apps, all you need to do is scroll down and look for that app’s bundle, and then tap on it to reveal all the notifications for that app.

I guess I like this very much.

12.Redesigned Emojis

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat new look emojis

That even emojis get to be upgraded in Nougat show how important these smileys are getting by the day. Once upon a time, emojis were just playthings not to be associated with serious work.

But emojis have grown to have many uses. In Nougat, apart from the old emojis you know, new ones have been added. Some of the designs make the smiley faces look more human than before.

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