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19 Awesome New Android Nougat Features You Need To Know (1)

Those with the latest Nexus devices might already be enjoying the new Android OS known as Nougat. Nougat was launched not too long ago and the first mobile phones sporting the OS would soon be released.

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat

Other reputable OEMs have already released a scheduled when they would send updates to users of their devices. While you are awaiting those updates, we have decided to give you a low down on some of the intriguing features of Nougat.

As expected, the official word from Google is that Nougat is going to be far better than Marshmallow in terms of security or the awesome Jelly Bean in terms of user experience.

That kind of statement is expected from Google naturally. But the real judge would be ordinary people on the streets using Nougat OS for everyday things.

Let’s take a look at the obvious features to expect from Nougat

1.Screen Saver is now Screen Saver

Android Nougat important

Android Nougat screen saver

If that is a bit confusing, put the blame squarely on Google. While the world knew screen savers for what they were, Google tried to be clever by calling it Daydream.

However, in their recent announcements on the development of augmented and virtual reality platforms, Google decided that the name to give their AR/VR initiative is Daydream.

So screen saver had to be given another name not to confuse it with Daydream right? Apparently they decided not to give the idea too much thought. They went for Screen saver. Meaning screen saver in Nougat is called Screen saver and not Daydream as was the case previously.

2.Multi-tasking just got faster

Android Nougat important

Android Nougat Multitasking

Or better. To switch between recent apps, the previous way was to tap the recent apps buttons and select the app arranged in a cascading order.

Now all you need to do is double tap the the recent apps button to take you to your last recently used app.

For example, say you are working on app A, but needed to check something on app B. To go back to A after finishing with B, just double tap the recent app buttons and Nougat would take you back to app A.

3.Hello Split-screen

Android Nougat important new features

Android Nougat split screen

Split screen mode has already been in existence for those using Samsung Galaxy phones. With Nougat, Google is officially bringing it to all Android phones.

It is easy to activate. Press and hold the recent apps button. Then select any app from the list. The first app would go the top of the phone. In Android tablets, it would go to the left.

The bottom (or the right side in tabs) of the screen would contain your recently opened apps. You can now select the second app to appear at the bottom of the split screen.

To increase the window of any app, just press and drag the dividing line  between the two apps either up or down according to which window you want to be active or just for the fun of it.

4.Chrome dual window feature

Android 7 Chrome dual window

Android 7 Chrome dual window

When using Chrome in the multi-window mode in your Nougat phone, it is now possible to switch to a second window effortlessly. Just tap at the menu window, from there hit the ‘move to other window’ to take you to the already opened window in Chrome.

5.Drag and place images and texts in multiple windows

Android Nougat important new features

Android N Drag and drop feature

When multitasking with your dual apps opened, you can switch text or images between the two by dragging and dropping them from one to the other.

To do that, highlight an image or text by long-pressing on them until they begin to float, then drag them to where you want them to be in the other active app on your screen.

6.Canceling downloads

Android Nougat important new features

Android N Canceling downloads

In Android Nougat, you can cancel downloading of an app directly from the notification bar. Just swipe the screen downwards to bring out the notification. Then tap cancel to end the download.

This is very convenient as you don’t have to go to Play Store first to cancel a download if you change your mind¬† about downloading the file for whatever reason.

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